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Flash Dryer is used to reduce the moisture content from 35% to 10% which is ideal for briquette. Heat is generated with the help of a furnace for drying the material.  Flash Dryers are used to dry the materials which are sensitive to heat. Raj Process Equipment is one of the leading Flash Dryer manufacturers in Pune. It supplies the Flash Dryers for a variety of applications to not only in India but overseas as well.

Flash dryers are used for drying of wet cakes which are sensitive to heat. There are different variations of flash dryers available depending upon the need to disperse the wet cake or pastes. These are:

Spin Flash Dryer Manufacturer From Pune

Spin Flash Dryer is used to dry wet cakes which are heat sensitive through a vertical dryer fitted with the rotary pulverizing device. It can simultaneously dry, pulverize and classify different materials. Raj Process Equipment manufactures the best spin Flash dryers in Pune. These Dryers can be used for materials like magnesium hydroxide, alumina, white carbon black, various heavy metal salts, starch, minerals, pigments, dyes, etc. This consists of a horizontal agitator, which disperses the feed while it comes in contact with the hot air and gets dried.

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Cage Mill Flash Dryer
This consists of a vertical pin type rotary and stationary cages. The wet feed is fed at the center of the rotating cage, where it comes in contact with hot air. The rotating cage disperses the feed while drying.

Due to very low residence time in the range of 0.5 to 2 seconds in the flash dryers, heat sensitive products can be easily dried without degradation.

Particle size of the final product can be controlled by installing a particle size controller which recycles the larger particle size back to the agitator and allows only the pre-determined size particles to be discharged as product.

Capacity: We can offer the flash dryers having capacities of 10kg/hr to 5000kg/hr product rate.
Typical applications of flash dryer are starch, bagasse, minerals, pigments and dyes, phosphates, etc.

Working Method:

  • As the name suggest materials get dried quickly in less than a second
  • Materials can be dried with hot air without degrading the quality
  • Flash dryers are used to dry pastes or cakes which are difficult to pump
  • Hot air is circulated to dry the material and cool air is blown out using id fan

Advantages of Flash Dryer:

  • The design of the Flash Dryer can be customized as per the client requirement according to the material to be dried.
  • While drying the product it also removes the rough edges, thereby creating fine quality product.
  • Flash dryers usually have high capacity.
  • It can handle heavy materials deftly.

Why you should choose Raj Process Equipment?

Raj Process Equipment provides quality Flash Dryers which are sturdy and long-lasting and provide excellent results. Raj Process Equipment believes in manufacturing high-quality products which go through extensive quality checks. Their after-sale services are excellent. They provide end to end resolution for all your queries. They prepare and implement the entire project for you. You don’t need to worry about civil and engineering work as it is taken care of by them. If you are looking for Spin Flash Dryer manufacturer in Pune then choose them and they will resolve all your issues with perfect solutions.


  • Fully automatic system to ensure smooth and easy operation.
  • Sterile construction of equipment to maintain high hygiene level.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • Optimal space requirement.
  • Carefully selected material of constructions taking into account the product properties.
  • Complete sanitary design with CIP system.
  • PLC controlled SCADA operated system.


  • Turnkey Plants.
  • Manufacturing & Supply of Equipments.
  • Engineering and Supervision of Civil and Structural work.
  • Process and Detailed Engineering.
  • Project Management.
  • Commissioning and Training.